The Ferry Sarfaq Ittuk – Day 4


So Sunday was my last day on the boat.  We had one early morning stop in Assiaat at 8:00 a.m. and by 8:30 were back in business and heading to Ilulissat in glorious sunshine.

Ice field in the distance
Heading to Ilillusat
Beautiful iceberg
Heading into the ice field
Sailing through the icefield
Sailing through the ice field
Sailing through the icefield
Sailing through the icefield
Sailing through the icefield
Sailing through the icefield

And without a doubt, the trip between Assiaat and Ilulissat was far and away the most spectacular of the trip.  It started slowly with random icebergs here and there, but by 10:00 a.m. we were in a full on ice field.  The water was absolutely still and the reflection from the icebergs was incredible.  And every now and then a seal would pop its head out of the water and then was gone.  Too fast for anyone to snap a photo.

The iceberg parade continued as we sailed towards Disco Bay.  And just when I thought I could not see anything more pretty another unusually shaped iceberg would come into view.

The Captain had to slow the boat down and while the boat is an ice breaker, it was nevertheless a slower ride than we had experienced without the ice.  And I, quite frankly, was all for it.  The pace gave everyone a chance to take in the spectacular scenery.  I am not sure pictures do it justice.  The passage through the sea ice and icebergs is something I will never forget.

By 1:00 we were pulling into Ilulissat and it was off to the hotel.  Now I had booked my trip back in October and was very specific about wanting a room with a Disco Bay view.  In fact, my confirmation showed a bay view room, which was a lot more expensive than a non bay view room.  Unfortunately, someone screwed up and I found myself in a non bay view room.

Two hours and numerous phone calls between my tour company and the hotel later, I found myself in an upgraded two bedroom loft in a building separate from the hotel, with a magnificent view to the bay along with a little deck.

And now the downside.  The loft has two beautiful windows upstairs with zero curtains.  So the endless light at this time of year is streaming in 24-7 and when it it bed time, it might as well be the middle of the day.  Fortunately, I travel with a sleep mask, but it is sure strange to wake up in what is the middle of the night and see sunlight.


So now that I am ensconsed in Ilillusat, I will be kayaking, hiking and doing boat tours the next few days.  Should be a lot of fun.

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